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FEATURE: The Va-Va-Voom Soccer Book


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Enchanting children of all ages.

  • By Marie Smalberger
  • June 2009
  • Pages: 144
  • ISBN: 978-1-920372-32-3

Featuring the 144 page fun-filled highly educational activity workbook that is about Soccer and South Africa.

All the activities are presented in an educational manner and through the medium of Soccer/South Africa
the child is taught about maths, spelling, language, writing and life skills.

Children worldwide now have an opportunity to join in the spirit of SA 2010 and learn about
South-Africa and her:

1. Fauna (The Big 5, endangered wildlife; marine life and birds unique to South Africa).
2. Flora (Beautiful flowers and magnificent trees).
3. History
4. Climate and meteorological information.
5. Politics
6. Places of interest.
7. Famous South Africans that make us proud!
8. Geography (world wide and South Africa's).
9. Technology (Science and research).
10. Agricultural and mining acitivities.
11. Soccer (rules, trivia, history, games, techniques)
12. Mathematical and statistical applications.
13. Emblems and symbols of countries.
14. Languages (South Africa's and World Languages).
15. Cultural events and festivals of South Africa.
16. Visual perceptual activities.

This book is available in 5 languages.

So far available in:
• English Soccer
• English Football
• Spanish
• French
• Afrikaans
• isiXhosa

Through this book our children can be taught in their mother tongue.

Pro Ed Eden is an independent book publisher. This book has however been approved by Fifa's lawyers with regards to Fifa's licensing rights.

These books will soon be available at other reputable retailers, bookshops and online bookshops in South Africa.
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Reviews - Over the course of our launch of "The Va-Va-Voom Soccer Book" we have recieved a multitude of accolades from many different companies and people. To list a few of those that stood out, please click on the review button.

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